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Furcifer minor


Furcifer minor are found in and around the central plateau of Madagascar. The highland areas surrounding Amositra and Itremo are where they are most likely to be spotted. Their natural habitat is the Tappia forest, though due to it’s rapid destruction, minor have acclimatised well in unestablished areas. Recent studies have shown they have had success in adapting to living in nearby coffee and cocoa plantations.

F.minor, also known by their common name, lesser chameleon, are a small to medium species, males can reach up to 10″ in length and females up to  6″.

A very active species with a huge appetite.

Females throw mid to high greens accompanied with a solid red crest and purple/black ocelli on the flanks. Gravid coloration of this species can achieve breath taking displays, and are considered one of the most beautifully coloured chameleons.

The distinguishing feature of the male are their two protruding rostral appendages. As sub-adult/adult, show primarily browns, brick reds and oranges, With either one or two brown/white ocelli which is surrounded by orange and black markings. During courtship this is truly enhanced and will show vivid barring on a tan background, turquoise eye turrets  and their red lip line will also be evident.

One of the few species where males are overshadowed by the appearance of the females.

Distinguishing between the two sexes is made apparent by obvious differences such as size, colour and appearance. Males can dwarf the females being almost double in size, though the females will stand their ground to unwanted advances made towards them.

Although females steal the show with their intense colour displays, males make up for in personality and character.

Husbandry on this species is based on personal experiences, as well as fellow keepers first hand information from field trips to Madagascar.

They are classified as vulnerable which is why captive keeping is rare, for this reason first hand information on their care and breeding is limited. 2

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