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Most chameleons are arboreal, so emphasis should be with height of vivarium as well as the width, this will provide a better heat gradient throughout the enclosure. Chameleons require different sized vivariums according to age and species. Most species of chameleon are solitary animals and should never be housed in pairs or trios. The only time they would come together in nature would be to mate or protect their territory.

Each chameleon must have their own enclosure.

Please contact us for more details on the size of enclosure for a particular species.

All screen enclosures: These are preferred by most chameleon keepers. They have excellent ventilation qualities and work well where humidity levels can be maintained. For a professional range of this type, please go to our screen enclosure page.

Glass enclosures: Mesh hoods and front vents are vital to aid with ventilation. Humidity levels are easier to maintain especially when used in isolation. Less problematic with heavy misting.

Wooden enclosures: Also a popular enclosure due to ascetic reasons. Again ample ventilation should be provided with mesh & vents. Holds  good humidity levels but more problematic with heavy misting due to bases rotting.

Hybrid enclosures: A wooden carcase with screen hoods & screen doors. A plastic sealed base  to allow heavy misting. These enclosures provide ample ventilation and also hold humidity levels (especially within UK climate).

Location: Most chameleons feel more secure at high levels so we have to try and mimic this with the enclosure. They will feel less vulnerable when situated at a minimum of our eye level.  High traffic areas such as hall & walkways can cause high stress and should be avoided. Chameleons are very inquisitive animals that need visual stimulation so positioning their enclosure in a private location near a window will benefit them , but not in direct sunlight. It is also important to allow them privacy so they can venture and explore their domain.

Decor Live plants are very beneficial and help with humidity, they can be combined with artificial foliage, vines and branches to provide ample climbing apparatus. Ensure access to uv & basking areas are provided.

By not providing hiding places and cover for your chameleon is unfair, it is essential that they have this option to allow them to observe their surroundings on their terms, feeling safe and secure.


Hyrdo-flo setup with full drainage.

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