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Welcome to our site, we are Oxfordshire based chameleon breeders and owners of Pro-Flo and Hydro-Flo Muji cages. We dedicate our time to researching and learning about chameleons and their upkeep. We are continuously adapting our husbandry methods and hand made enclosures, to suit the needs of specific species.

We have been working with Furcifer pardalis for many years, and our fascination for this species will always be with us. Although we continue with our panther chameleon projects, our interests were being drawn toward a slightly different path ‘montane chameleons’. The fascination for chameleons that had so many distinguishing features was growing rapidly, but at the same time we felt the need to be cautious in taking on such ‘delicate’ species. The common thought was they’re hard to keep, and don’t adapt well in captivity. We wanted to find out for ourselves, and rid us of this myth for good. Our goal is to be able to provide captive bred chameleons of the highest quality for all to enjoy.

Over the last few years we have had the privilege to be able to work with some spectacular African and Madagascan species, some of which haven’t been seen in the hobby for some time. Our journey has given us the opportunity to meet like minded keepers, who are willing to share their experiences in which we have formed a wealth of knowledge, and some firm friendships.

The information we provide throughout our website is drawn from our personal experience, lots of research and working together with fellow breeders and enthusiasts.


We try any way we can to broaden our knowledge, the more understanding we have of our animals and their natural habitat, the better we are able to care for them

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